Best of Prom: Best of the Best 2012

Animal prints in every color and style were found at prom this season: giraffe, zebra, snake skin, leopard, cheetah and more.
Taking a different tact, several prom-goers showed up as the hunter instead of the prey sporting vests and even a dress or two made from camouflage-print material with a hunter-orange sash!
Check out this exotic trend, it was a jungle out there at prom this year!
Be sure to keep your eye out for our final 'Best of' post!

prom dresses

Neon has made a fashion statement this spring. Not just showing up in department stores and on fashion runways everywhere but also here at prom in Western Mass.
Bright colors and neon orange, blue, green, yellow and pink were hot colors that were eye-popping and fun.
Take a look at how prom-goers in Western Mass. wore neon this prom season, and stay tuned for the rest of our 'Best of Prom' posts!

Prom fashion is not just about the ladies!
The men in Western Mass. were sharp and looking good alongside their dates on prom night. The guys had fun this year with brightly-colored, satin bow ties and different fun hats.
Whether it was fedora-style, baseball hats, cowboy hats or other wide-brim styles, they all looked like they had it 'made in the shade' at prom this year.
Stay tuned as we select the best of prom over the next 6 days. Who will make it into the coveted 'Best of the Best of Prom' gallery?

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